Monday, 25 April 2011

Short Maid of Honor Speeches

Like every other wedding speeches, a maid of honor speech also sounds best when it is short and sweet. And I assume that’s precisely why you are reading this article on short maid of honor speeches at this moment. Well, although when we are talking about short maid of honor speeches, what you need to keep in mind that your wedding speech should be optimal in length, which means that it should be of the right length, just enough to express your feelings. So, whenever the phrase “short maid of honor speeches” is mentioned in the article, interpret it as the wedding speeches from the maids of honor which have just the right number of words.

After attending many weddings in my past, I have come to one conclusion about maid of the honor speeches … they are never as good as the best man speech. However, it is only true when the best man manages to deliver a really good wedding speech. The best man speech is known for being funny, and being that traditionally the Maid of Honor must follow the best man speech, it can be a humiliating time for the maid of honor, but there are some key points to help you look and sound amazing while giving your Maid of Honor speech.  And it’s not about matching the best man speech; it’s about expressing yourself in the most enchanting way.

Now it's time to discuss a few essential points you need to consider for a maid of honor speech. And guess what? It will help you keep you speech short too.

Don’t expect to make the audience cry with laughter
The first tip to writing a maid of honor speech is to not over do it. Many Maids of Honor will try to be funny like the Best Man, but it just doesn’t work for them. Please do not do this, you will just humiliate yourself - trust me I did it myself when I was young. DO NOT try and make your speech funny, it is not meant to be, instead write a short maid of honor speech full of love.

Share kind words from your heart, be sincere
The second tip is to write your maid of honor speech with love. While men will use sense of humor, women should use their heart. Tell about your friendship with the bride, good memories of your past together, and of course share inspiring words/stories of the bride and groom. The Best Man is not good at the lovey dovey stuff, so that is all left for you.  Make your maid of honor speech sweet and sincere.

Be yourself! Include your personality within the speech           
The third tip is to relax and be yourself. Do not make your speech completely bland, include your personality in with it. The first tip/warning is that you don’t overdo it, but do this so much that you bore the audience. It is okay to give it personality and make the audience laugh at a story. Make your speech unique to fit you and the bride.

Short Maid of Honor speeches are the best
Women have the tendency to drag on too long in speeches (hints why mostly only men speak at weddings). Be sure to make your speech a short Maid of Honor speech. You do not want to drag it on too long because you will begin to bore the audience. Simply make it short and sweet.

Practice, Practice, Practice
While men are known for procrastinating, women will do it too. Do not wait until the last minute to write your maid of honor speech. Write it months before the wedding; this will allow you time to make changes, share your speech with others, and to practice. Also, remember the tip above, write a short maid of honor speech!  Reread your speech several times and practice it weeks before the wedding, you will look truly experienced on the big day. “Practice makes perfect.”

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